Walleye Fishing Ebook How to Walleye Fish Tailored Tackle

The Ultimate Guide to Walleye Fishing


Walleye fishing can be overwhelming, we make it Easy!

  • Walleye Lure Quick Sheet to pick the right lure and rig at the rig time
  • How to rig important set-ups like Spinner Rigs, Live Bait Rigs and Slip Bobbers
  • Jigging techniques with live bait and soft plastic presentations
  • Lake mapping skills to locate Walleye and key in on feeding habits
  • Learn how to fillet a Walleye for prestine table fare
Walleye Lure Quick Guide

Select the right lure at the right time to solve for that tricky bite 

Up your Marble-Eye skills by mastering soft plastic lures with new presentations

Artificial Plastics
Crankbait Page

Start casting cranks for aggressive Walleye in the Spring & Fall

Ready to Get Fishing?

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